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there is a tremendous amount of capital flowing into the united states. and $90 billion may seem like little to you, and i am impressed it seems like little, but i have tried to cut it out of the social welfare spending. >> i agree with you. >> if you start to constrict investment into the united states. >> we are not going to. >> well you certainly will. >> we had it during the 40s, i have the ifs, early 70s -- >> but we are in a competitive world. >> we had huge amounts of capital. >> i am an investor and i have a portfolio. if capital gains goes to 25, 30%, i am no not going to invest. i will buy municipal bonds. >> no, you would earn municipal bonds at 2 or 3%. capital gains even if you are in the index funds you are likely to get 7, 8, 9%. you give away a third in tax and you are doubling it. >> the numbers are meaningful though. take a step back. if you were to actually tax a dollar made in the stock market or a dollar made with your real estate the same way a dollar made in a factory, the government would raise $250 billion a year over the course of 10 years. that's $2.5 trillion. that's thr
at laguardia airport. big problems for transportation in the northeastern united states on the way. in addition, look at this. as you see this thing come ashore, there is an enormous dry section here which isn't going to stay. but what it is still pushing would be enormous winds. the storm has come hundreds and hundreds of miles with a sustained wind and pushed water the had way. as if you have taken a hand in a swimming pool and pushed a wave. that rain son the south shore long island and right into the city of new york. officials are reporting one person has died in a storm related crash outside d.c. meantime the sea is flowing out and innun dating coastal cities to the west. steve harrigan live from ocean city, maryland. steve, it has sounded awful there for hours. >> shepard, it has been awful for hours. some heavy winds and rain and really no way to get in or out of ocean city due to closures of some of the main roads and highways. as far as rescues go we have just heard from rescue operations workers here in ocean city. they have carried out at least 30 so far tonight. this is mainly nati
. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. >> bill: notice no mention of the possibility that terrorists attacked us in libya. on september 14, white house spokesman jay carney stepped up with this explanation. >> we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. the unrest we've seen around the region has been in reaction to a video that muslims, many muslims find offensive. >> bill: again with the video. two days later, un ambassador susan rice makes a crucial mistake. >> best information and the best assessment we have today is that, in fact, this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. that what happened initially was that it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> bill: so we are now five days into investigating what happened to ambassador stevens and the videotape is still dominating the administration's reaction. on september 17, hillary cli
of the united states. president obama knows that. he must counter romney and emerge as a wiser man on foreign policy. that is more obama's challenge which he will undergo in less than an hour from now. that is the memo. >>> now to the top story tonight. reaction from fox news analyst brit hume. do you expect romney to come out with the libya stuff as strongly as i just did? >> it will depend a bit on the context on which it comes up whether a direct question to him whether he as an opportunity to take it on or it doesn't. or whether the president brings it up first. i have been so wrong so often about these debates. i told you earlier this year, debates were going to be all important. history shows they are not. >> bill: i'm so happy you brought that up. can i paraphrase barack obama, can i do that? can you say that a bit louder, brett brit. >> i was suggesting about the second debate because it was going to be based on the people in the audience. this was a townhall format. it won't be such an aggressive debate. i was wrong with b that. i would be hesitant to do so. >> bill: look, here is th
have? i think the timing is terrible. why is the president of the united states his secretary of defense, why haven't they been able to tell us the truth? this is not that hard. all documents have to be available. it should be possible to sort it out. this has been a cover up, you're right. it's sad it's happening just before election but it has been over six weeks now and we can't get the facts out. four americans killed including american embass door. an american facility turns out may not have been a consulate. it may have been quote a facility which has a different legal framing. this is a mess. we apparently lost a number of secret documents. we have no idea what those documents are. there is no effort to help. we now know because of kernel west work there were marines available. there were consider 130s available. fighter aircraft available and help could have gotten there in about an hour in terms of air power and two hours in terms of marines, the fight went on seven hours this, is a terrible situation. >> speaker you mentioned ben west, he's joining us. i hope you joi
there and go: i can't believe what i saw on that teenagers the president of the united states pandering to racial emotion, using false facts to do it, this is outrageous. explain yourself, mr. president. does romney do that? >> well, look, it all depends on whether or not the subject is brought up by the moderator. >> bill: no, no, no. he can bring it up anymoreself. you know that. >> it looks like he a stretch if he does it either an specific question by lehrer or specific question by obama or generalize. >> obama says 47% hold it, don't take mayor of los angeles comment out of tape out of context on a tape. i heard you saying bing bing bing bing bing. didn't look like it's tit-for-tat. he has got to look for opening more subtle than that. that's too obvious. he needs to be presidential. when he brings it up he needs to bring it up i'm wired up about. this he doesn't need to bring it up in -- he needs to bring it up in sorrow and regret. you raised this incident in a way that was racially charged stirring up animosity. >> bill: he has to rise above. >> absolutely. he he needs to be pre
by the judge on the bankruptcy. it's just that terms were dictated by the president of the united states rather than through a trial in court. administration stepped in and said here is how you're going to settle this. and auto companies went through a bankruptcy. president ob yaum and his people saying we saved people from bankruptcy no, you sent them through a bankruptcy. it's a difference between normal bankruptcy and what the president did is that he dictated we're going to take secured bond holders they're going to lose their stake. we're going to ignore 200 years of american law in order to reward unsecured creditors my political pals said the president with people's tax dollars. we overpaid and gave them, we know we're never going to get our money back from gm. and chrysler, we gave it way ask said take it off our hands. almost immediately started generating big profits for fiat. fiat is losing money and look. this was -- wasn't that interesting? we got into a discussion about auto companies in the discussion about the foreign ach yairs. this shows romney is trying to bring us back to th
the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in our commitment to see justice is done for this terrible act. make no mistake. justice will be done. >> the president asked directly nine days later he stated we're going to continue to investigate this. he went on the view. if you watch in each case he was asked by joy behar if this was an act of terrorism that. was on september 25th. watch this sequence as the president still refused to tell the american people the truth. >> we don't know yet. we're going to continue to investigate this. >> hillary clinton say waits an act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> we're still doing an investigation. >> the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. >> and he said that six times. >> he got caught and candy crowley had no business doing an realtime, if you will trying to fact check. because she was dead wrong. and he was wrong on the statement about the permits for oil and wrong on statement about the perm writs for shale. wrong on coal. he was deliberate in the dishonesty on this issue of when
, too, and he's call the president of the united states. >> bill: let's stair step it. the buck stops him. but let's stair step it. i think the senate and congress should demand the secretary of state appear before committees, whatever committee you want, and explain what the hell is going on here! >> the director of national intelligence, whom issued a statement not long ago, of what my view attempted cover-up, said they had information that it was a spontaneous demonstration. what information could you possibly have when you hear of an attack with mortars and with rocket propelled grenades -- with an affiliated al-qaeda outfit that carries out a very fisted operation? that's not what you really look at as a spontaneous demonstration. >> bill: it's disturbing. but of two start with the secretary of state and she owes the country and the families an explanation and we're going to demand it. >> right. >> bill: syria and turkey shelling each other. if you were president, would you get involved with syria? >> of course. i would be helping them with weapons, weapons are being flown over i
the dignity and security of the united states and our diplomats abroad. and frankly, what stephanie cutter said today and what she continued to try to sputter about on bret baier's "special report" tonight was really quite abominable. the idea that to ask a question or to ask questions or demand the answers -- >> bill: they're trying to make it a political thing, but it's not working. >> that's all they too is make things political. they don't answer questions. they were camped out at scooter libby's house for how many weeks? meanwhile, we haven't heard from ambassador rice, really, since she -- >> bill: somebody should try to get the ambassador. >> has to be ashamed of herself. >> bill: fox news asked likely voters, president obama's handling of libya among good, bad, what? approve of the president's handling of libya. 37%. disapprove, 46%. unsure, 17. so the folks obviously think he made a mistake. the question and it's hard to answer -- is that going to influence their vote? is that going to make independents say, you know what? i've had enough, i'm going to go to romney. >> i think it'
is vice president of the united states. i don't think ignorance is a good defense. i think the reality is they should have known. good leadership, a good president should be saying my goodness we were bombed in libya twice? what are we doing to improve security there. not just sit lack and wait and see. we have four people killed. we haven't had a u.s. ambassador killed overseas since the 1970s. >> laura: congressman, the "the washington post" today is reporting that political chaos in libya today hammers the u.s. probe of the deadly benghazi attacks. and basically saying that when you call over, when we call over to officials in libya, no one is answering the phone. so, it's more than a month later, and apparently, according to this article, we have made very little progress because of the situation on the ground which begs the question if it's difficult on the ground now, presumably it was difficult on the ground before september 11th, correct? >> on september 1st, the interior minister there in libya issued a high alert. it's the maximum alert they can. ambassador stevens sent that
produced in the united states. >> right. >> bill: despite him clamping down on the drilling in the oceans and on federal land. okay. >> right. >> bill: then why are prices going up if more oil is being produced? >> prices are going up for two primary reasons, aside from simply the fact that we are not bringing up production that would satisfy total demand, two reasons, one is we have seen constriction at refineries necessary to create gasoline and petroleum products. and the second is we have actually seen some fall-off in production of north american oil, particularly the mexican oil fields are producing less. >> bill: but we have plenty of oil. everybody says there is plenty of oil and gas around. >> there is if we were producing it and, in fact, we could be energy-independent but we are not. >> bill: all right. you heard the guys right -- >> -- i heard the guys. >> bill: they say romney landslide and you say? >> i say the progressive is persuasive. he has a model that has worked since 1980 without fail. and i think we have to listen to that. i also think that there is sufficient volati
is not to elicit information. his job is to get elected president of the united states. that's what he is up there for. that's what we're watching. look, i advocated in my column last week he should have hit obama on the libya and hit him all the way to chicago. i think that was curve ball. he decided for his own strategic reasons that all he had to do after he won the first debated, which i will remind you had a moderator who was only a cease-fire after the first sipher. presidential candidate plausiblably met the threshold to be president. once he did that, he had achieved the most important objective of all the debates. why shouldn't he? he is trying to win not trying to score points. >> okay. so i understand that tactic, and i said that in the talking points memo. it it might be the correct tactic. i feel that the measure public deserves more. they want a true leader. we need a true leader. we want to see people who basically want to right wrongs. the libya thing is wrong. it's wrong i just didn't see. i don't think the governor even cared about it. >> i don't understand you, bill. the p
sure you don't vote four times. the u.n. is going to fan out across the united states in different polling places to make sure there is no cheating, there is no subterfuge, none of that stuff. and you say. >> here is the unspoken mandate for the u.n., they are going to make sure jews don't vote. that's what the u.n. is going to do. listen, there are wolfs in hen houses who are blushing about this. why don't we just give michael moore the keys to the walk-in freezer while we're at it. i hope when they are out there keeping their eye on the evil g.o.p. trying to manipulate the vote, if they happen to trip across a black panther wielding a pipe wrench, they will do more than holder did about that. >> bill: in philadelphia particularly there might be a little -- see, what i think might happen is that the panthers in philadelphia with the iron jacks may beat up the u.n. guy. see, that might happen because the u.n. guy hanging around, what are you doing here you honky or whatever they do, you know and then bang. >> the u.n.? are you kidding me? as i often said, a bunch of lookalikes tryi
else. here is the thing. the president of the united states is the bottom line guy here. all right? and right now, six weeks, we're not getting -- we're getting stonewalled. his answers, barack obama's answers are stonewalled. and all i do is break it down. he he has got to know as i said in the talking points, who told carney and rice to say what they say. he has to know. wait a minute, have you been in this business a long time, okay? all right. is there any excuse for that question not being asked by two highly paid news people, schieffer and williams? any excuse? >> why wasn't it asked by governor mitt romney. >> bill: we already run into >> romney -- he is the president with all due respect. who gave these officials these marching orders. >> bill: romney has his own reasons for not asking it but it's the job of schieffer and williams to ask it and they didn't. >> three things. number one, there is a legitimate scandal on why there wasn't more security for the ambassador in benghazi. why the intelligence failed to predict that this militia was going to carry out a deadly attack
by a political candidate including the president of the united states. >> bill: wait, the question is so simple, when you took office it was 1.86. now it's like 4 bucks. >> 4 bucks. >> bill: why, if your energy policies are so good why did that happen. >> well, amongst other reasons but primarily because. >> bill: no, but his reason? you know, he had to explain it and then he says well because we were in a recession. i'm going what does that mean? >> it doesn't mean anything, bill. i have got to be honest. he had no idea what he was saying. it doesn't mean anything. >> bill: he had no answer. he had no answer. in part the real answer is in february of 2009, he ordered his interior secretary ken salazar to start reimposing moratoriums. >> bill: on drilling. >> on drilling offshore, particularly, because those had been lifted in 2008 by president bush to bring down crude oil prices and gasoline prices. the prices started to move up. within a year they were up 80 cents a gallon. we're talking about a 40 to 45% increase in gasoline prices. then, by 2010, he reinstituted nearly all of the mortar i -
? >> bill: wow, here now the culture warriors gretchen carlson andst called the presidt of the united states a liar. >> i think that when you don't state the true facts that will are certain words that you can use and that's appropriate. >> bill: wait, can i play devil's advocate on this? >> sure. >> now, barack obama is in the middle of a very heated campaign where he could lose his job i really don't believe that he paid any attention to this benghazi attack at all even though one of his ambassador was murdered. i could be wrong. i'm speculating. i kind of know how they delegate in the white house. and this is a state department deal. and i'm almost positive that hillary clinton didn't say anything to him. i don't know whether you can call him a liar. >> >> i have been a judge. i know what fractures and proof is if you don't know why are you saying it's about a video. more importantly, today we are finding out more and more that not only was the white house, the situation room, you remember the situation room where the president and hillary were in there so happy to be videotaped when they
of staff in the white house, president of the united states. the national intelligence director and on and on for during that six hour fight knew that we had an embassy being attacked and we americans being murdered and we didn't do a damn thing about it. >> bill: i'm not sure about the chain of command here. >> and then lied about it. >> bill: i'm not sure about the chain of command here. you have this woman in the state department. >> right. >> bill: she is listening and others in the state department. now, you would assume that immediately they would get a message of some kind to the secretary of state, their boss, hillary clinton. you would assume that and then you would assume that hillary clinton would get a message over to the white housepronto, g problems here in benghazi. we have got a u.s. ambassador who is in trouble. you would assume all of that would take place. but obviously it didn't. i don't think it took place, colonel. i don't know who screwed up or who didn't do what, but i don't think -- i think there was mass confusion. >> there were four embassies attacked
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 84 (some duplicates have been removed)